the Beauty of
Original Art

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
- Margaret Wolfe Hungerford (1878)

"If you think it's Art, then it's Art."
- Phil Galphia (2017)


Stunning original art, created by artistic legends of the past, and by some of today's most eye-inspiring artists.

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Juan del Pozo
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13 images added 08/08/20

Marius Markowski
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23 images added 08/08/20

Zeiko Duka
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9 images added 07/08/20

Valery Koroshilov
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32 images added 06/08/20

Sam Fenner
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6 images added 05/08/20

Dalia Barke
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4 images added 05/08/20

Andrew Brady
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12 images added 03/08/20

Ira Whittaker
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3 images added 01/08/20

Roman Kramsztyk (1885-1942)
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23 images added 17/07/20

Martin J. Leighton
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16 images added 29/06/20

Pekka Halonen (1865-1933)
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34 images added 24/06/20

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"Essence of summer"
Painting by
Eloisa Fe Soriano
Artist's page

City Land and Water

"City in Lithuania"
Painting by
Marianne von Werefkin (1860-1938)
Artist's page

Nature and Animal Life

"Heavenly love"
Painting by
Annie Leroux
Artist's page

Nudes and Erotic

"Like a siren"
Painting by
Isabel Mahe
Artist's page

People and Portraits

"Grandpa's new pipe"
Painting by
Georgios Jakobides (1853-1932)
Artist's page

Still Life

"Still Life of Flowers in a Basket (1733)"
Painting by
Jan van Huysum (1682-1749)
Artist's page

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