the Beauty of
Original Art

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
- Margaret Wolfe Hungerford (1878)

"If you think it's Art, then it's Art."
- Phil Galphia (2017)


Stunning original art, created by artistic legends of the past, and by some of today's most eye-inspiring artists.

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Angelina Damenia
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15 images added 23/09/20

Ludwig Deutsch (1855-1935)
Artist's page

32 images added 23/09/20

James Campbell
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6 images added 21/09/20

Louise Rayner (1832-1924)
Artist's page

31 images added 20/09/20

Krista Augius
Artist's page

8 images added 16/09/20

Mark Gertler (1891-1939)
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32 images added 15/09/20

Karen Lynn
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8 images added 13/09/20

Thomas Fedro
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26 images added 10/09/20

Catherine Abel
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17 images added 07/09/20

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"Burgeon g23"
Painting by
Saulius Leviška
Artist's page

City Land and Water

"View of Borresø towards Himmelbjerget"
Painting by
Peder Mørk Mønsted (1859-1941)
Artist's page

Nature and Animal Life

"French cat"
Painting by
Belén Sambucety
Artist's page

Nudes and Erotic

Painting by
Nick Ercsei
Artist's page

People and Portraits

"The morning ride"
Painting by
Erik Henningsen (1855-1930)
Artist's page

Still Life

"Gardenia painting, White flowers"
Painting by
Natalia Marinych
Artist's page

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